Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a SleepCheap Peep? 

You need to create an account with a valid Facebook or G Mail account. Have a LOS ANGELES Location Then complete our easy Peeps form then we will review your submission. Then BOOM! post your listing then get back to you with calendar links etc. NOW  you are MAKING $$$$$$


Can I take cash for my booking? 

When you receive the  initial book It definitely need to book online via SleepCheap BnB.  We do not recommend exchange of cash but if the traveler wants to pay with cash get ya cash.  But that's on case by case but we don't block your money :)

Is it safe to be a Peep? 

We do our best to ensure each Peep has a clean safe traveler coming to their space.  We ask that you contact us if any issue arise with traveler.

Why is the max $45? 

We try to offer affordable comfortable places to sleep for our travelers. There are other sites that offer glam and expensive stays. We are NOT interested in the bouge' . We try to ensure that No space is over listed for our travelers they are looking for a deal.

How DO I get Paid?

We will pay you via PayPal. Payments will be sent out weekly on Fridays for all completed Check In Bookings ONLY. Example: Monday Susan Check in 3 days $30 Daniel Check in Wed 2 day $20 Joe Check IN Thursday 2 day $20 Jim check in Friday $15 1 day

Payment will be for Susan, Daniel, Joe $70 to be deposited Jim will go on Next Friday

What kind of spaces can I list?

spaces include Rooms (private & Shared), Camper vans, RV, Couch,Tent, Cots, Sleeping Bags, lend a driveway and a bathroom etc. But you must be honest about the space clear pictures and  If traveler want it book it Go Peep Sleep Cheap

What are Peeps responsible for?

You are responsible for providing a clean safe habitable environment for our travelers. You are to ensure they have the proper information to check in and access the space.

Can I cancel on a traveler ? 

Considering our Travelers make plans and where they sleep in one you will inconvenience the traveler therefore a relocation fee of $10 per cancellation will be assessed.  We ask that you make sure you keep your availability with us up to date.

How will I know if I have a booking ? 

We will request you send us link from your Google calendar and we will send you link to your listing to keep your calendar in sync


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