Traveler Frequently Asked Questions

How do you book? 

Easy peesy lemon squeezy all you need to do is find the space and click the book button and there you have it ...


Can I pay cash for my booking? 

When you initially book you definitely need to book online via SleepCheap BnB.  We do not make cash transactions. You use Pay Pay, Credit Card or Pre-Paid card

Is it safe to travel cheap? 

We do our best to ensure each Peep is safe for you to travel too. 

Can I have Mail Delivered to property? 

Unfortunately we do not allow mail to be delivered to the property. 

What makes it cheap? 

We focus on chill safe, warm place to sleep, not the frills of hotels and fancy BnB's.  Most travelers come to a city to see the city not to Sleep.  So we  are here to give you a place to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing.

Can I bring my child?

Unfortunately we do not accept kids

Will my Peeps help me with my travels?

That's totally up to your Peep.  But most are just a place to sleep

What kind of spaces can I book?

All spaces will be listed in detail before you book you will know before you book. But spaces include Rooms (private & Shared), Camper vans, RV, Couch, Tent, Cots, Sleeping Bags, Have your own car just need a safe driveway and a bathroom/shower etc. If you want it book it if its cheap enough

Can I use kitchen?

Kitchen is only available to inside room bookings. Our camper van bookings do not have kitchen privileges. However they may use microwave and boil water.

Can I get a refund ? 

Considering our peeps are cheap we have a strict refund policy.  You can get a 50% refund 3 weeks before your booking dates less occupancy. After that there is no refunds.  

Can I alter my  book? 

Once the booking is made it is solid you may contact us in some cases and we can make some limited changes